Why I became vegetarian


Why I choose to become vegetarian

Ifirst decided to stop eating meat, become a “vegetarian” shortly after my mother passed away. Although I don’t think there is any relations. I would also like to point out that I use the word “vegetarian” to make it easier to explain. Categories, to define your eating habits, make me feel too much pressure; I don’t particularly like them. I consider myself to be “non-meat eater” as of right now.

“You are what you eat and your body is your temple.”

I always wanted to make the transition, but always assumed I couldn’t and then one day I just did and here I am now.

Vegetarian Bowl with Sweet Potato

Making the transition

For me making the transition wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. I really do beleive it is all mental; mind over matter. Before I cut off meat, my family and I had began cutting down on red meat. I was the girl who could eat a steak alone and nothing else on my plate. So if I could cut out red meat, how hard could it be to cut all meat out! I did it little by little and the hardest was really eating out. I’ve always love vegetable and salads, so that was also an advantage. I think moving in an area with cows across helped the process too.

The reasons why I did it

I have ovarian cysts and I am a holistic person. I do beleive that what we eat affects our body’s function and mental health. When I first found out about my cysts is was due to extreme pain. My gynecologist was not very useful in finding a remedy besides pain killers. I was in so much pain that I started researching alternatives, but I was also stressed in general. I picked up yoga and while attending classes I found out that they offered visits with a holistic doctor. It was definitely worth a try and since I hate taking medications I had nothing to lose. He put me on a diet, told me to exercise, and prescribed me “herbal pills”. Over time I felt the change and it was amazing. So, cutting out meat was a personal decision after watching Netflix documentaries about animal torture and taking my health journey a step further. Everyone is entitled to their opinions and I am not a doctor nor a nutritionist, but it worked. I still have cyst pain around my time on the month, but nothing compare to the daily struggle I used to go trough every single day. I think it’s one of the best decision I made, but don’t get me wrong sometimes it’s hard.

Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie

Choosing “vegetarian” vs “vegan”

I couldn’t be vegan because of the French in me lol. I love cheese and it’s that simple. Maybe one day I could give that up specially since I am not even suppose to have dairy; but today ain’t the day. The second reason is that I am lazy and being a vegan requires some serious commitment on what you can’t eat. Self awareness is important and I am very aware when it comes to food.

Eating out when you don’t eat meat

When you don’t eat meat, you are “vegetarian”, eating out may be a challenge. It is most difficult when eating out at food chains or here in Miami in Spanish restaurants. They tend to not accommodate their menus and you find yourself eating random, unhealthy sides if you don’t feel like eating a salad. I think that on 2018 there are so many vegetarians, vegans, and health conscious people that restaurants should add options to their menus. If anything they are getting left behind and will feel it in their sales as people will have to eat somewhere else. So I hope all restaurants get up to date and create these sections within their menus. So we are clear a bunch of sides randomly thrown together will not get you loyal customers.

A well worth it hard decision

Overall, I think not eating meat is something we should all think about. I don’t beleive we were meant to eat dead flesh. However, I think we all have our own journey and need to make the decision for ourselves. My son and my husband still eat meat and don’t plan on stopping any day now. At first I was judging and pissed. I stopped cooking meat in my house and made them feel guilty. Then, I realize the energy and vibe in our house was toxic and that wasn’t good. I don’t judge anymore and I cook meat for them again not because I want too, but because I love them. They have accepted and supported my decision and I should do the same. I won’t lie though and can’t wait for the day they make the switch lol! Have you thought about switching? Share your story with me.


Capucine Bennett

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