What is a brand board and why do you need one


What is a Brand Board and Why Your Business Needs One

Abrand board is something every business and brand should have before starting anything. It is the core of your business and/or brand’s identity. A brand board is a visual of your brand all in one place. A professional brand should always be the same whether online and offline and a brand board helps accomplish that. A brand board is all the visual of your brand’s identity in a document.


“A brand board is your brand’s passport- Capucine Rismay”.

It contains your brand’s attributes and personality. It allows you to keep this information handy and to share it as needed so your brand can always be the same.

A brand board has 5 basic steps:

1. Logo and logo variations
2. Color palette
3. Font options/Typography
4. Graphic elements, patterns, accents
5. Imagery and social media inspiration

Brand board

Step 1: Logo and logo variations

Brand board logo Capucines business corner

This is the main part for your professional logo design and variations. Variations should include a square shape you can use for social media specially. Also should include the logo in color variations. These options should fit any options the logo can be used in.

Step 2: Color palette

branding board Capucines-Business-Corner ccolor palette

The color palette is colors from the logo and any colors you may use for your branding. This should include at a minimum HEX numbers and RGB, CMYK, PMS if possible. Remember that colors have meaning and should represent your brand accordingly.

Step 3: Font options/Typography

Branding board Capucines-Business-Corner typography

The font, typography can be used from the logo or not. Either way the fonts should represent your business. Some fonts are more feminine then others. Mixing a cursive font with a modern font is a nice mix.

Step 4: Graphic elements, patterns, accents

Branding board Capucines-Business-Corner typography

Graphic elements, patterns, and accents may come from your logo but also can be any additional details. It may be elements you choose to use in your designs online and offline. Elements that will be a part of your image, your brand.

Step 5: Imagery and social media inspiration

Branding board Capucines-Business-Corner imagery

Imagery and social media inspiration is the type of pictures you want to use to represent your brand and your story. You can find picture online, in magazines, in books and on social media pages that inspire you. It will give you an idea on what to post on social media ant the type of images to use in your marketing materials.

Brand board
Complete basic brand board


A brand board is the professional way to start your brand for personal use, blogging, or business. It saves time, money, you can just keep it handy and use it every time you are designing for your brand or business. Hand it out to your team so that everyone stays on brand and you will keep a professional look all around.


Capucine Bennett

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