Three simple interior design styling tips


Three simple interior design styling tips you can use now

Sometimes you look around your house and feel overwhelmed. Maybe you just need a quick home update. I learned the three easiest, simple design styling tips you can make to your home now. We get in our own head and complicate things, but it doesn’t have to be hard.

  • Make sure you have a color palette.
  • Use baskets everywhere.
  • Group your decorations.
  • Arrange in heights.

Choose a color palette

A color palette is very important for your home is probably one of the most important out of all styling tips. A clear palette choice makes a major difference in the esthetic of your home. Remember when you choose your home colors that colors emit energy. For example blue is one of my colors for my palette and it is a calming color. It actually does make my house very relaxing. Also, having a clear color pattern around your house gives a clean and organize look. It is very pleasing to the eyes.


 Use baskets for multiple purposes

Use baskets for everything

Baskets give me life! I love baskets and I use them everywhere around the house. Baskets are great because you can buy them in many sizes, colors, shapes, and materials. I use baskets for storage and to decorate at the same time. Investing in different baskets is infidelity something I recommend for any home. I have them in my living room to store table linens, in living areas and bedrooms to keep blankets and magazines, and even in bathrooms to hold items like toilet paper rolls. They match the color palette of the room, the size of the stored items, and they look super cute and classy as decoration. Baskets are a much needed investment and don’t have to cost a fortune.


Family Room


Group decorations and play with height

I group decorations form one piece to three pieces. Then you mix the heights, so you want various sizes next to each other. Of course you want a mix of colors; don’t put the same colors side by side. It’s a process and you will have trials and errors, but it’s worth the effort. I think it gives the eyes different perceptions which make it more appealing.

Time to implement

Try these simple styling tips in your home and I promise it will make a world of difference. If you are like me you will enjoy it even if it takes you time. Remember, it won’t look good right away and it might even take you days before you are happy with the end result. Just grab a glass of wine, channel your inner interior designer, and just do it! Make sure to share your pictures on social media and tag me. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!


Capucine Bennett

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