Switching to organic beauty products


Deciding to switch to organic beauty products

I didn’t always use organic beauty products nor natural ones. Actually the thought of it never crossed my mind until about 2 years ago while researching natural hair videos on YouTube, I stubble upon SunkissAlba. I started watching her videos and realized she leaves an organic, natural lifestyle which I was into. I mean we ate organic food in my house and I used organic/natural cleaning products. Funny enough, it never clicked to switched my beauty products to organic or natural ones.

Realizing the outside matters too

When my family and I began switching our food and cleaning products to organic we assumed that was it. I totally failed to realize that what I put on my skin is just as important. I was very aware of pesticides and hormones in our foods which is why we switched, but I never considered the insane chemicals that are also in our beauty products and health products. Do you know that pads that you use for your monthly period have tire particles in them. Yes, tires from cars! As someone who has ovarian cysts and issue conceiving, the last thing I want is car parts near my vagina! The problem is we don’t think about this things and we are not educated about them either. Needless to say I now only use 100% cotton pads and I will never look back.

organic beauty products Capucines-Business-Corner-Switching-to-Natural-Products-Organic-Daily-Care-Web

My most used daily organic beauty products

Read labels for all your beauty products

It became so scary to realize all the crap that goes into everyday products like tooth paste or deodorant. Regular toothpaste has fluoride and carrageenan. Fluoride is okay in moderation, but we don’t get it in moderation because the government put in in so many products and even water. When you get too much it can give thyroid issued, causes fertility problems, and more. Carrageenan although derived form a natural plant, it has no nutritional value to us and is only used for thickening products and food. It actually causes inflammation and even colon cancer. So why put all these bad stuff in and on our body. The big companies don’t care because these fillers keep cost low and profits high. They can because people don’t educate themselves. So yes, organic beauty products are a bit more expensive but so is the slow death and pain you inject in yourself with regular products. More kids have autism today and I do beleive that most of our sicknesses are cause but all the junk we consume. So reading labels and learning about ingredients may be boring and time consuming but if you don’t do it for yourself, do it for your kids.

organic beauty products Capucines-Business-Corner-Switching-to-Natural-Products-Organic-Mouth-Care-Web
Our organic mouth wash and tooth paste

Making the switch

Yes, organic beauty products are more expensive so if you are not rolling in money like me just start slow. As a products ran low or was done then I would buy the organic version next. For me that includes, hair products, pads, medication, beauty products, and make up. So if you switch overtime it won’t kill your wallet. The only things I threw out and switched right away were my pads, toothpaste and mouthwash, and deodorant. Everything else has been a slow process.

I hope you will educate yourself and will make the switch to a more organic and natural lifestyle. Remember Rome wasn’t built in one day so baby steps are okay. If you have switch share your fav products with me and if you haven’t let me know what is holding you back.


Capucine Bennett

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