Finding my interior design style for my new home: The simple steps

Iremember as a little girl always trying to redecorate the apartment by moving decorations and furniture around. I would do it often so our home would never look the same. It wasn’t until recently that I remembered that and realized I have always had a love for interior design. Now as an adult I get to decorate my own home and buy things I like. Finding your interior design style is a simple process. It’s like an adventure and can be so much fun and rewarding.

“A house is much more than a mere shelter, it should lift us emotionally and spiritually. John Saladino

I find peace and comfort in decorating. After a long day at work, moving things around the house and trying to improve the flow relaxes me. I guess we all have our own little habits. I actually assumed all women enjoyed this, but according to my friends, not at all.

Learning about interior design styles

I really started learning about interior decorating styles last year, 2017. Before, I just rearranged furniture and decorations randomly. Maybe, that’s why I never was truly happy with the end results. Now, I am aware that they are many decorating styles but I am not attached to just one. There are 5 styles I prefer and mixed when decorating our new home:

  • Modern
  • Industrial
  • Farmhouse
  • Rustic
  • Traditional

I do not have a favorite style and I do not want to feel limited on options. I decided there was no reason I just couldn’t mix all of them. When we walked into our new place it was definitely modern, new construction and we loved it. The modern style of the home gave us a great template to work with. I had to keep the budget low so we used most of our old furniture and bought more decorating pieces.


 This is the master bedroom

Choosing a color palette

I only learned about color palettes right before we moved from our previous home. Let me tell you how a color palette makes a world of difference. For this house I decided on dark wood, blue, gold, silver, black, grey, and white. I already had black and wood furniture from our old house but I always liked grey and blue in a home. So, that way I could use what I already had and add new furniture and decorations in my new colors. My husband, Chris, and I also are now into making furniture so he made the shelves and table for me. I design, he builds, and I think we create magic together. All the blue and gold shelves are custom made as well as my dining table and coffee table.


Main living room

Making it all come together

It took a while to put it all together and we are still not done. Before making any purchases I put the furniture I knew I was keeping where I wanted them. Then, I used decorations I had and that fit my color palette to start decorating. Once I was done with what I already had it gave me an idea of what I what missing. That way you don’t buy unnecessary things and you can use your budget on furniture and decorations you really want and need. It also allows you to figure out what color you may need to add the most.

Tips you can use in your home now

First, if you haven’t figured it out yet decide what interior design style or styles you like. Once you do that you can go online and research ideas. I save the images to my computer, print them and circle anything specific I like from it. This will give you a base to begin and a visual idea.

Now you can move furniture around similar to the images you found. I think that sometimes less is more. It’s okay to always switch furniture from one room to a next.

Another way to redecorate your house right now if you don’t have the budget, is to look around your house and create color palettes with what you already have. For example in my old house I had green, red, white decorations, etc. So, I put all of them together and separated them in groups by colors. Now whatever groups of colors you already have is your current palette color. Try to use no more then two colors per room if you have a bunch of random colors like I did.

Now you are ready to build on what you have. Rome wasn’t built in one day and not everyone is a millionaire. Just buy new items little by little and enjoy the process. In no time you will have the home of your dream and you will be proud of your accomplishments.

Have fun and don’t over think it

I think that it’s important to enjoy the process and learn as you go. Your home should tell a story of who you are and reflect your style. You don’t needs to spend insane money to make it yours. I am very cheap and I for me my budget is always the lower the better lol. Just have fun discovering your interior design style and let me know how your home turns out.


Capucine Bennett

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