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The business side to the journey

80% of small business fail during the first 18 months of opening their door. Why? Simply because they don’t have a plan for their business or the proper support and knowledge to fulfill their dreams as business owners.

My goal is to help as many business owners or entrepreneurs make their business a success story.

If you have an existing business or are thinking about starting a small business but feel overwhelmed and alone, you have come to the right place.

If you are looking to experience success that comes with running a thriving business while being able to enjoy your life, you are in the right place.

I was just like you, I had my fears and doubts, but with the right tools and hard work you can also achieve the freedom that comes with being your own boss and be financially independent.

But who is Capucine Rismay?

Nothing but a dream

Growing up I dreamed of saving lives and helping people which of course I attributed to becoming a doctor or a lawyer. I was a “nerd” and loved school so it only made sense. As I grew older, during my college years, school didn’t seem so fascinating anymore. I mean I loved learning but my biology major became more of a chore then a passion. During that time, I worked at a pharmacy and with new management coming in it was time to go.

Capucine Rismay Capucines Business Corner with Chris

A new journey

My husband owned a marketing business and at the time it was just him working from home. We decided that while I looked for a new job I will help him with his business. That was 7 years ago! Today we have a thriving business, own our machinery, but as amazing as it all is and as much as I love my work I felt like something was missing. I had found a love for business and marketing, but I didn’t feel that I completed my purpose.

My Ah Ah moment!

I knew I wanted to help people and I always found myself giving business, branding and marketing advise to other business owners or future owners and love it. Advise I learned the hard way on my own; that’s when it came to me (light bulb) that I could help small business owners, entrepreneurs, and startups benefit from my knowledge and avoid making costly mistakes like I did. This would be my contribution to my community.

A quick background

I was born in Haiti and raised in Paris, France. I came to sunny Miami as a teenager and have been here since. I am now married 13years to an amazing man, Chris. We have a son, Ty who is 13years annoying lol. Chris is my partner in life and business. Together we own a few businesses, the main ones been Top Class Signs and Printing and Web Designs Plus SEO.

Capucine's Business Corner

Since I was a child I remember always redecorating the house, just for fun. I think that’s when I found my love for home décor. Now I enjoy doing it with my own home and my style has evolved.

I am now also recently a non-meat either and have changed our lifestyle to organic products which I will share with you as well.

I want to use this blog to share all that I have learned, to let you into my world, and hopefully help you in some way. I hope you will come along for the ride!